"I believe that most people feel a need to serve others at some point in their lives. I have dedicated my career to serving and helping my patients, clients, and employees/agents in every way possible. Over these last few years, though, I have felt an undying urge to serve at a much larger level.  With almost two decades of leadership, medical, and professional experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, motivate people, and get things done.  I am here for you!!!"



I fully support enhanced border protection and the wall. I also support LEGAL immigration and reform of our current/broken immigration system. We can do better and still be open to those looking to legally make a home and positive impact in America. 

Our military, all branches, are vitally important to the security of our country, here and around the world. Our servicemen and women must know that they have the full support of our government and the best equipment, as the strongest military in the world should expect.


As a pharmacist, I have had first hand experience with many "hot topics" for many politicians, including High Drug Prices, the Opiate Crisis, Obamacare, and Medicare/Medicaid needs.  We have too many people talking about "fixes" for our country's healthcare who have never dealt with healthcare or haven't been able to afford insurance or medications. As a small business owner, I know what it feels like to not be able to afford insurance due to Obamacare. I know what it feels like when my elderly parents and patients can't afford basic medications like insulin or other life saving meds. Throughout my career in pharmacy, I have seen the Opiate Crisis grow into what it currently is, with little actual solutions. 

The difference is that I have seen solutions come and go and am passionate to see these life changing (or ending) issues resolved.


Without education we don't have a future... Our country needs to fix our public schools. I will always oppose Common Core because all people have different strengths that are needed for America to grow and stay strong. There will be nothing "Common" about a child once our public schools can find and work with each one's strengths, as well as find their weaknesses. 

"Higher education" must also include technical schools. I will always support a University education, however I will also always support Technical schools. "Essential" employees have recently been identified to come from both college and tech schools equally.


Life begins before physical birth. Americans from the unborn to the elderly, and everyone in between, deserve the right to live. I do not support abortion. I do support reform and upgrades to our health insurance, specifically medicare. Our elderly deserve a medicare system that can actually help them; one that they can afford. I will always support enhancing our research into major disease states affecting the mortality of Americans, and all people around the world. 


Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution and, subsequently, the Bill of Rights in response to their recent break away from the persecution they faced from a tyrannical ruler. They had the forethought to proclaim rights for all Americans that would keep them safe in the event that a future government in the United States also became tyrannical. In these rights, they gave clear ways in which the citizens would be able to protect themselves, as a state militia or a single citizen, from this potential threat. The 2nd Amendment, among others, is the clearest of these rights. I will support all American citizen's right to defend themselves.


The United States has nearly 20 million Veterans. Men and woman who sacrificed everything from their day to day lives to their actual lives. Our Vets deserve more than we could ever repay them, but that doesn't mean that we should stop trying. I will always support any legislation aimed toward the benefit of our Veterans and active troops as well as push for better healthcare conditions, better outreach programs, and a guarantee that they should never live in fear that they may not be able to get the help they are promised and entitled to.


Our roads, bridges, dams, airports, public transit rails, and so many more necessities have been left behind or caught in the crossfire of partisan issues. The federal government and state governments need to have more open communication and ability to fund these extremely important projects. In the House, I will work to the best of my ability to see that the message gets across clearly, that infrastructure is a benefit to all of us, on both sides, because fixing our infrastructure helps every American in every state.


Being from Oklahoma Energy and Agriculture has been a basic topic of conversation for my entire life. I have worked on farms and know the impact they have to the small communities throughout our entire state. I have friends and family at every level of our oil and gas economy. I will always support the protection of local farmers and oil/gas workers throughout Oklahoma and the rest of the U.S. 


Now more than ever, we know and can see the impact of our jobs and manufacturing being moved out of our country. To be a fully independent country, we must be not allow countries wanting to hurt us to be able to do so simply through a supply chain. First and foremost, our life saving medications need to be manufactured back here in the United States. To have China be able to threaten to cut off our antibiotics is completely unacceptable. I will vow to work with current Representatives on initiatives and bills that would help us bring, not only our medications, but as much of our manufacturing as possible back to America.


It is no secret that we, as a country, spend money in places and on "things" that we shouldn't put a dime into. A recent and perfect example is out Coronavirus Aid packages. Our current legislators can't even seem to focus on actual helping the American worker without throwing billions into their personal interests. When in office, I will work to get on every committee possible to help be a voice of common sense or reason when hit with off the wall requests from personal interest reps.