Trevor Sipes is a 4th generation Oklahoman born and raised in Midwest City before eventually settling down with his wife, Kathy, and two boys! His major influences growing up were his parents, Ron and Ann (a police officer and loan admin who both retired to work for Mid-Del schools), and brother, Jordan (former Naval Corpsman who served with the Marines). 

Dr. Sipes graduated pharmacy school from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 2004.  He earned a couple scholarships, including valedictorian,  to help with the costs. In addition to scholarships, Trevor took student loans and worked on farms in southwest Oklahoma. He has always been eager to learn new things and experience new fields.

Professionally, Trevor began managing pharmacies at 24 yrs old, and within a year and half was asked to managing one of the fastest growing districts in the US. It was here that he learned what real leadership was and how important it was to serve people depending on you first. At any given time he employed, or served, over 400 people and always put their needs first, even though it didn't always coincide with the corporate mandate...


In addition to his success in pharmacy, Trevor also is a real estate broker/ small business owner with 27 agents. 

Trevor is excited for the opportunity to bring a strong, outspoken conservative voice to the floor of the house. We need as many outspoken Republicans as we can get to go up against the Far Left.

From Trevor:

Here are a few key items about me that I feel need to be shared:
1. I am a Doctor of Pharmacy: With that being said, I have a lot of first hand experience and understanding of many topics relating to health (i.e. drug prices, the need to fully repeal Obamacare, the need to rebuild medicare and veteran coverage, stop the Opioid/Prescription Drug Abuse Crisis, etc.)
2. I was raised by a local police officer in a military family. I was taught respect for police, military, and guns at a very young age, and, due to my upbringing, I will fight to protect and support all law enforcement, military personal (active and retired), and our guns rights (and the entire Constitution as written) at every opportunity I am given. I also was given the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the Center for the Intrepid rehabilitation facility at Fort Sam Houston where I got to meet with many different people, from John McCain to John Rich.
3. I am a small business owner. I have opened and sustained 2 small, successful businesses. In doing this I have seen, first hand, the difficulties and struggles our government regulations and tax changes cause for small owners.
4. I am a real estate broker. I deal with the every changing market that is extremely dependent on everything the federal government does and affects each and every one of us to some degree. I have seen the effects of the last market crash and how the government's involvement made home ownership more difficult. There will be a time soon when the federal government will be asked again to help in a market adjustment.
5. I worked on farms and ranches in SW Oklahoma to help put myself through pharmacy school. Working closely with the owners of these farms, I got to see and hear how the government regulations, credits, and subsidies have changes their businesses and lifestyles. It is very important to me to help work to make the lives of independent farmers better.
6. I have many supporters, friends, and consultants who are affected day to day by the changing oil/gas industry in Oklahoma. Supporting the industry from the perspective of the people and families who are directly affected is very important to me. Stabilizing oil and gas by decreasing the importation of foreign oil, stopping the sell of our SPR to pay off the debt, and adding incentives for investment into tight oil/gas drilling are a few ways to start.
7. I am a former District Manager for a large pharmacy chain. In that role I was put in charge of maintaining one of the top 5 districts in the country, at 26 years old, with an annual revenue of over $100 million and a budget to match. I have dealt with large scale budgeting for a large part of my professional career. I also got a chance to see, first hand, how PBMs have affected our drug prices negatively, how changes in insurance contracts affect every person in the country, and damaging it is to our well-being to continue to let it go unchecked.
8. I am also a father and husband. I have seen, with my kids, how damaging federal mandates are to public education, how common core has caused individuals to suffer in the pursuit of their education, and how at risk our education system (and careers) currently are. We need to lessen the federal government's grip on our schools, and start funding all schools appropriately.
9. I am a Christian who is Pro-Life, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Borders, and Pro-Trump. We need to stop wasteful spending to countries all over the world and inside our own country. It is very important to take care of America first and allow other major countries throughout the world to pay their fair share toward global issues.
10. We need to support efforts already in play to bring back manufacturing and jobs to our country. We can no longer allow other countries to have the opportunity to threaten the supplies of our life saving medicines, construction supplies, vehicles, etc.

I have spent the last 20 years gaining experiences and creating contacts that have helped to develop my views, knowledge, and drive to get into Congress to help the people of this state and country. My views and beliefs are my own, and I will defend them in every way possible. I have personal experiences to back up nearly every stance and belief that I have. I am anything but a single topic candidate.

I have stated before, and will continue, that I refuse to run a smear campaign against any opponent. My faith, values, and convictions are to strong and important to me to bring myself to that level. I will continue to run on my experience, values, integrity, and drive.
I also would ask that you ask yourself if sending a candidate to DC who starts their political career with smear campaigns is what our state really needs.

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